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School’s Out!!!

As of 11:10 AM, Tuesday, May 26, 2015, school will be dismissed and summer vacation will commence. This year was a year of adjustments because of moving down to teach 6th graders and working through block scheduling. I really enjoyed teaching 6th graders and I believe they learned some things that they may never get again until college. I introduced them to coding. Coding is a subject that I’m still learning. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I dove into teaching the students coding but I’m sure glad I did! Learning to code is about problem solving, breaking down a larger problem into smaller parts, working together as a team, taking risks, and much more. It was neat to see students work on something so diligently that they were visibly excited when they figured out how to crack the code! As I close out my 16th year with students, I have a full summer ahead of me as I work to extend the coding curriculum into a semester course rather than a quarter course. There is no rest…no sitting on my laurels. If I’m not improving…I’m stagnant. We all know the synonyms of stagnant: inactive, sluggish, slow-moving, lethargic, static, flat, depressed. I will attempt to rest…those that know me know that is impossible. I promise to enter 15-16 with a renewed promise to do everything I can as a teacher and coach to make a positive impact on every student that walks into my classroom. Enjoy your summer!!!

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